Laser Turret Blueprint

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Drag and place automated laser turret containing blueprint logic and high quality model and materials. Three blueprints included: Automated turret, animated turret and laser projectile.

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AI Laser turret Blueprint consisting of turret Logic and high quality assets. The blueprints and accompanying assets are ready to drop into your game. Animation based blueprint is configured to play animations as a scenery object whilst the AI configured blueprint is configured to lock on and shoot at the player with configurable warning lights and responses which change based on player distance. Assets include a fully rigged turret with firing animation plus individual model assets and full 4K PBR textures. Everything is conveniently organized in Unreal and ready to use in your project.

Technical Details

• (4) 4K PBR textures + 2 accompanying textures for laser [1x 2048 + 1x512]
• 18,056 polygon model
• (5) animation assets
• (5) material assets
• (3) blueprints [2x for turret + 1x for laser projectile]
• (1) sound asset

Intended Platforms: Desktop, VR



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