Landscape with auto-material for games and archviz. Forest Pack.

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This is a beautiful landscape pack for games and archviz. It has "AUTO MATERIAL" for the ground. Easy to use.

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Learn how to use this product with this VIDEO

A whole landscape for games and archviz.

You can create a whole landscape in a few minutes with these elements.

AUTO-MATERIAL support for the ground... The ground´s material will change automatically when you deform it.

You will have 5 Plants, 3 Flowers, Terrain with auto-material, 9 trees, 3 rocks, Grass with 2 types of texture.

Video Demo

Technical Details

Correctly mapped (All meshes)

Number of Meshes: 22

Collision: Yes (Simple and Complex)

Number of Materials: 26

Epic Games "started content" materials used: 4 

Number of Textures: 39 (2K and 4k textures resolution on most objects)

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Engine Versions: 4.17 - 4.18 - 4.19



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