Landscape Rocks Creator

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A solid and easy to use system to create the ground for your landscape in minutes.

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This tool allows you to create a very realistic-looking material for your landscape in a very short time. The system is based on one single material with a lot of parameters adjustable into the material instance editor. This pack has four default instances: each of them can be used to create different environments (Desert, Mediterranean, North land, and Ice land). You will also get a great and versatile set of high-quality, seamless textures that can be used even outside of the materials in this pack, in all of your projects. The textures are grouped into the following folders: Color maps, Height maps, Normal maps and Blend maps. You will also have a material function that will make the process of automatic creation of your landscape a lot easier and shorter.

Technical Details

  • Textures: 53 (up to 8192x8192 pixels)
  • Materials: 1
  • Material Instances: 4
  • Material Functions: 1
  • Maps: 1



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