Landscape Stamps w/ Simple Auto-Material

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Easily create organic looking landscapes with the click of a button. Simple Auto-Landscape Material also included.

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This packs will allow you to create stunning looking landscapes quickly and easily. Create organic looking terrain with a click of a mouse.

These stamps were created with today's top terrain tools and brought over to Unreal with this pack.

This pack also incorporates a simple Landscape Auto-Material to quickly texture your terrain with 3 textures. Dont like the textures with the material? Easily switch them out for your own!

This pack goes perfect with my Automatic Landscape Material found Here. It will give you amazing game ready parameters that will mesh perfectly with this pack.

Technical Details


  • Organic looking terrain with a click of a mouse
  • Simple Landscape Auto-Material
  • (3) 4k Terrain textures
  • Huge Time Saver

Texture Resolutions:

  • 2K Textures (32 Terrain Stamps)
  • 4K Textures (3 Terrain Textures)

Number of Materials: (1) Master Material and (1) Material Instance

Do Materials derive from a Master Material with instances as variation: Yes

Documentation: Here is a link to a video showing off the pack.

Important/Additional Notes: The Auto-Material with this pack does not allow for painting of individual layers.



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