LAN Multiplay 2to16

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LAN Multiplay 2to16 is simple, easy to use & make your own.

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Simple easy to use Local Area Network (LAN) game, With 4 Classes of Characters. This template has been created to be simple, with lots of Comment Boxes around nodes to explain their use. This template is ideal for creating a game that you can play on different devices using the same local area network (LAN) connection. I have supplied a simple death match game, which can easily be replaced with your own game of choice to play on a local area network (LAN) connection. Tricky little bits to do with replication and setting up actors have been made note of in comment boxes for user to identify how these actors function in a multiplayer setup.

Technical Details


  • LAN Multiplayer template ready to use, easy to understand and make your own.
  • With 4 Classes of Characters: Medic, Munition, Engineer & Recon with Health, Ammo, Armour & Sneaky View. Characters have third person view with the ability to aim down the sights, damage & death/re-spawn functions as well.
  • PressToStart widget is just a pretty start screen.
  • MainMenu widget includes: Home = Quit, Multiplayer = HostMatch/FindMatch, Controls = Keyboard-Gamepad Controls, Soldier = Profile, HowToUse = Instructions on how to play, package & More = Options.
  • ¬†HostMatch widget where user sets server name, how many are going to be playing & the map they choose to play in.
  • JoinMatch widget lets Client/Joining Player search then join the match.
  • Game_Menu widget which shows on Host & Client view ports that lets players see who are connected, their info, the map their in & choose/change character on the fly (In Game). Host can choose to Kick a player if they want.
  • 1 x Game Instance, 1 x Game Mode, 1 x Player Controller so everything is simple & straight forward, no confusion of flipping back and forth in Blueprints.

Number of Blueprints: 20

Input: Game pad (In Game), Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Documentation: Instructional Widget

Important/Additional Notes: Can be Packaged, No plugins, No C++, just a simple local area network (LAN) template with a basic Death Match game incorporated. Comment boxes around nodes to explain there use for easy/complete understanding.



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