Lamp Collection v2

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New collection of 20 different lamps modelled and textured for architectural visualization and games.

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Video v1:

Video v2:

Middle Poly and real life lamp collection with collisions ready and optimized for architectural visualization and games with textures big enough to be used in mobile devices too without taking resources. The blueprints present only contain the static mesh and the lights they need with instanced materials to give the lamp a lit finish.

What's New:
10 new modular lamps with interactive switches to turn them on/off, cast shadows, change color or intensity, use temperature and change its attenuation radius in the Details panel.

Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes
Texture Size: 256x256/1024x1024/2048x2048
Collision: Yes, automatically generated
Vertex Count: 115501
LODs: 0
Number of Meshes: 22
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 19 Materials and 7 Instances
Number of Textures: 43
Engine Compatibility: 4.9+
Intended Platform: Windows/PS4
Documentation Included: No



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