Waterfall Fx

VFX4GAME - 이펙트 - 2023/10/03

waterfall effects for unreal engine

  • 지원 플랫폼
  • 지원 엔진 버전
    5.0 - 5.4
  • 다운로드 유형
    에셋 팩
    이 제품은 기존 프로젝트에 임포트 가능한 언리얼 엔진 에셋의 모음을 포함하고 있습니다.


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Complete Package with Less Price (Water, Rain and Waterfall Effects)

waterfall fx provides blueprints of waterfall effects and Niagara particle effects.

for example, put a Splie River blueprint on your level then the spline blueprint calculates the slope, and make a waterfall effect automatically on the high slope of your river.

for more fun add some Niagara effect for splashes and collide effect on the grounds.

Every effect provides a large of parameters so it's easy to use and without any knowledge of the Niagara system and blueprint you can control it.

and much more ...

"This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+

How To Enable Lumen.

기술적 세부사항

Type of Emitters: 12

Number of Unique Effects: 12

LODs: (Yes/No)

Number of Materials: 8

Number of Material Instans: 23

Number of Textures: 66

Number of Blueprints: 4

Number of Unique Meshes: 4

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (Yes)

"This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+