Survival Interactable Procedural Nature Ecosystem

Mathew81 - 배경 - 2023/01/28

Populate your world in a few clicks with thousands of choppable trees and mining stones

  • 지원 플랫폼
  • 지원 엔진 버전
    5.1 - 5.4
  • 다운로드 유형
    에셋 팩
    이 제품은 기존 프로젝트에 임포트 가능한 언리얼 엔진 에셋의 모음을 포함하고 있습니다.

Example_Map_1 _Video, Example_Map_2_Video, Quick_Start_Video, Using_Automaterial_Layers_Video

Survival Interactable Procedural Nature Ecosystem is a special pack designed to help developers and game artists, procedurally create huge open-world landscapes, populated with choppable trees and rocks, ready to be mined by the player. This is why, this pack is perfect for any survival game but can also be used for any other type of game where procedural nature is required.

Using this pack, the player will be able to chop/cut any tree spawned by the trees procedural foliage spawner and also will be able to mine/break any rock spawned by the rock procedural spawner. The tree or rock become interactable, only after the player decide to interact with it and this is why everything is very well optimized and game ready even for huge landscapes with thousands and even hundreds of thousands of trees and rocks instances.

In order to interact with the trees or stones, you will have to use the character from this pack (which is a modified version of the first person character template ). If you want to use your own character, you will have to copy - paste the blueprints from my character to yours. With some basic knowledge of blueprints programming, you will be able to adapt your own character to cut trees and mine rocks. If you choose to do that, please use my character as an example and if you choose to use my character then everything should work out of the box. My character can be easily transformed from first person to third person or to any other type of character.

Try the pack using this Playable Demo

Because of the smart setup, you can use this pack without the ability to interact with foliage and rocks. (if you choose this, you will have to delete from the character, the code responsible for interaction - chopping trees and mining rocks). This is why, this pack can be used for any type of outdoor environment (open world, small map, survival game, regular game, etc).

The pack come with a intelligent landscape auto material with 10 layers which will allow you to paint grass, stone, wet mud, forest floor, rocky ground etc. The first layer of the landscape auto material will automatically adapt and paint your landscape. It will work with any type of landscape you might have (heightmap import or created with Unreal Engine 5 sculpting tools, etc). The landscape auto material comes with automatic foliage (grass) and you can customize your landscape auto material, by changing more than 50 parameters: brightness, tiling, brightness variation, slope variation angle, specular amount and many others.

Using the Material Parameters Collection you can modify the wind speed and intensity of the foliage so everything is designed for speed and performance.

The pack comes with 2 example maps, each one having a surface area of 100 square km and 4k resolution heightmap. The heightmaps are created from Digital Elevation Models (with 1 meter horizontal precision) from a real-world terrain from USA. Because of this, the landscapes are perfect copies of a real world terrain, preserving the scales and everything.

During the gameplay, the trees can be cut by the player and after the tree falls, the player can further interact with it. Using procedural mesh, the cut tree can be sliced in any number of parts you choose. More than that, the slices can be picked up by the player, moved by the player and thrown away. While holding the slice, it can be move closer or further away from the player according to its needs. Also using the destructible mesh, the player can mine/break all the procedurally generated stones.

Instructions and commands:

  1. Left Mouse Button - hit tree or rock in the "cut mode" or picking up a cut tree/slice in "pickup mode"
  2. Middle Mouse Button Pressed (switching between cut mode and pickup mode)
  3. Middle Mouse Button Scroll - while in "pick up mode", the player can move closer or further away the picked up tree/slice
  4. Right Mouse Button - while in "pick up mode" , the player can throw away the holding tree/slice. By default, the "cut mode" is active!

Trees and Rocks have customizable health and every time the player hits a tree and a rock, a certain damage is applied to the tree/rock. When the Tree health reaches 0, the tree falls to the ground and it is considered cut. By default, both tree and rocks have Health equal with 8 and every time the player hits, a damage of 1 point is applied. So with the current setup, the player needs to apply 8 hits for a tree to fall down or to break a stone/rock. All these numbers can be modified according to your needs.

This product supports Lumen for versions 5.1 +. If You want to use the pack at it's full potential, I recommend using Lumen. In order to enable Lumen (if it is not already enabled) you should go to Project Settings/Engine/Rendering and make sure you have the following setup:

  1. Dynamic Global Illumination Method - LUMEN
  2. Reflection Method - LUMEN
  3. Shadow Map Method - Virtual Shadow Maps

Attention: This product is using World Partition to keep everything optimized. When you first open the demo map, the landscape regions will not be loaded and this is why you can not see the landscape inside the editor. In order to see the landscape, you will have to go to the World Partition Tab and select all the regions after that right click on the selection and press Load Regions from Selection. You have to do this only once per project. This is how Unreal Engine works...

기술적 세부사항


  •  The landscape auto-material comes with 10 layers and automatic slope variation
  • 30 static meshes for foliage/rocks/trees (all Nanite)
  • 5 geometry collections (destructible meshes)
  •  3 example maps, 2 with a surface area of 100 square km each, both of them are 4k resolution and the third is an Overview Map where you can visualize all the static meshes
  • Full dynamic lighting setup (Lumen)
  • 2 procedural foliage spawner (1 for trees and 1 for the rocks)
  •  all foliage come with color variation which can be adjusted together with other parameters such as wind strength, intensity etc., directly from the Material Instances or from Material Parameter Collection
  • Highly customizable and easy to use
  • 18 Blueprints
  • the pack also comes with all the sounds you can hear in the Videos and with a basic sparks VFX

Number of Unique Meshes: 30

Collision: Yes - automatically generated

LODs: all meshes are Nanite so LOD's are not necessary

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 27

Number of Textures: 93

Texture Resolutions: most of the textures are 4k (4096 X 4096)

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not tested

Documentation: Please read the description and watch the Videos from the beginning of the description

Important/Additional Notes: In order to use Procedural Foliage Spawners from this pack, you will have to go to Editor Preferences/Experimental and enable Procedural Foliage.

If you like this pack, feel free to write a review and rate it. This will keep me motivated to create better and better assets. Thank you!