Storyboard Tool

Fae Corrigan - 6월 5, 2020

A tool to quickly create cameras and screenshots in a film production environment. Also useful for video games and arch viz.

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The storyboard tool is an editor utility widget and set of cameras that greatly expand the default screenshot capture capabilities of the engine. It is based off a traditional storyboard and allows a user to organize a set of cameras with associated preview screenshots, adjust commonly used camera settings in a streamlined way, generate multiple image types from the same camera, and create 2d camera plots.

Overview: Plugins/StoryboardToolContent/StoryboardingTool/DemoMap/VP_StoryboardToolDemoMap

To open the tool run the editor utiliy widget: Plugins/StoryboardTool/StoryboardingTool/VP_StoryboardTool




  •  A camera editing UI: Show all the cameras in a scene in one place, add new ones, organize them into boards with previews
  •  Multiple image format exports: Create depth, clown, line drawing and white model images easily from the same camera.
  • A lens/filmback dropdown linked to a CSV for more in depth camera matching control
  • 3d Camera frustums
  • 2d Camera Plots
  • 360 sphere capture camera: to take images that can be sent to a tablet or phone for low tech on-location scouting.
  • Hidden Objects: The cameras can keep track of the objects that were hidden when the screenshot was taken and hide them again at the click of a button.
  • A tool to calculate camera values for anamporphic lenses: Plugins/VirtualProductionTools/StoryboardingTool/VPUISubWidget_Camera_AnamorphicLensCalculator
  • C++ code to lock/unlock a camera using blueprints

기술적 세부사항

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes)

Mac: (No. The screenshot buttons will not work properly on Mac.)

Number of assets:

2 editor utility widgets with supporting files

3 camera blueprints with supporting files

1 overview map using the Epic games demo room assets for demonstration only

C++ functions: Set actor locked state, get actor locked state

All textures in the OpenIconic_UI folder are sourced from under the MIT license.

Plugin contains assets from the content examples sample project for demonstration purposes only

Network replicated:


Requires the following non-default settings:

  • Project Settings -> Separate Translucency - Disabled (Not required, but otherwise transparent objects will not show depth of field correctly)
  • Project Settings ->Custom Depth Stencil Pass - Enabled With Stencil (required for color by id/clown pass)

Requires the following plugins:

  •  Editor scripting utilities
  •  Virtual production Utilities