schwarzlichtfabrik - 11월 7, 2019

This plugin allows the import and export of static mesh data at runtime with help of the Assimp library. Now also supports the import of Material-Data.

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    4.21 - 4.25
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Import and export of static mesh data at runtime. This can be used in conjunction with ProceduralMeshComponent or RuntimeMeshComponent. Both, import and export is possible synchronously and asynchronously. The plugin uses Assimp's library to achieve this ( Using Assimp library also means a huge list of supported file formats for import as well as export.

Since version 1.3 the plugin supports the import of Material-Data. Please see the Forum for further Information.

Visit the Forum for discussion, help (the review system is not meant for that!), examples.

The Plugin makes use of v5.0 of Assimp (Assimp Github). Means there is no custom build of Assimp used in the Plugin which allows you to freely create your own Assimp build or Update to a newer version.

This plugin started from and was hugely improved, modified and added async support.


기술적 세부사항


  • Synchronous and Asynchronous import and export of static mesh data
  • Support for Blueprint and C+
  • Debug and Release binaries of Assimp

  • Import:
  • .3d .3ds .3mf .ac .ac3d .acc .amf .ase .ask .assbin .b3d .blend .bvh .cob .csm .dae .dxf .enff .fbx .glb .gltf .hmp .ifc .ifczip .irr .irrmesh .lwo .lws .lxo .md2 .md3 .md5anim .md5camera .md5mesh .mdc .mdl .mesh .mesh.xml .mot .ms3d .ndo .nff .obj .off .ogex .pk3 .ply .pmx .prj .q3o .q3s .raw .scn .sib .smd .stl .ter .uc .vta .x .x3d .x3db .xgl .xml .zgl
  • allows to normalize the imported scene into a 100cm cube. Gives the user a uniform starting point, no matter what was imported (scene might be very big or small).
  • allows to merge different meshes together
  • allows to merge material sections of a mesh (all/by material)
  • (v1.3) Import of Material-Data

  • Export:
  • .dae .x .stp .obj .stl .ply .3ds .gltf .glb .assbin .assxml .x3d .fbx .3mf .json
  • allows for transform correction to counter different coordinate system of target application

Code Modules:

  •  RuntimeMeshImportExport [Runtime]

Number of C++ Classes: 2

Target Build Platforms: Win64, Win32 (in general all platforms, see the forum)

Important/Additional Notes:

  • The result of import and export depends strongly on how the Assimp library and the target/source application handles the files.
  • Only raw mesh information is supported (Vertices, Normals, Tangents, TextureCoordinates, VertexColor, Triangles) for Export. Import now also supports Material-Data.