Portuguese Tiles Pack 3 - Wall Tiles

BossyRalph - 텍스처 - 2024/02/05
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6 high quality authentic Portuguese tiles + extras

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Having moved to Portugal last year I was blown away by how beautiful the tiles were on every building. There are so many patterns, and they are all so beautiful! I just had to take photos, which I then decided to include in my own unreal projects, and so decided to put them on this marketplace. I hope you enjoy them.

This pack includes 6 different project-ready tile materials, each made up of 3 textures (inc. normal and spec) and I have also decided to include a BONUS grass floor and 'ruined' textured wall material (also comprising 3 textures). Each material is an authentic asset accurately captured from the street where I am staying.

Keep an eye out for future packs of tiles...

기술적 세부사항


Materials: 6 materials + 2 Extra materials (floor and wall)

Textures: 24 texture files

Map: 1 Showcase Map.

High res: photographed at 6000 * 4000 (24mp on my Sony A6100 at f4) and cropped to square tiles.

Supported Development Platforms:

Tested and working on both Windows and Mac.