Online Subsystem Blueprints

Redpoint Games - 7월 4, 2020

Access Unreal Engine's online subsystems from blueprints! No C++ necessary.

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Now you can access the online subsystems that Unreal Engine provides from blueprints. With over 160+ functions (40+ async) and 70+ events supported, you can create friend list UIs and party invite systems, all without touching C++!

For a full list of supported functions and events, please refer to the documentation before purchasing. This list will expand over time.

Supported Engine Versions

  • UE 4.25
  • For newer engine versions, or if you are using a custom build of the engine, please reach out to our support channels after purchase and we'll help you get it working on the version of the engine you are using.

Source Code Access

If you have purchased a license to use Online Subsystem Blueprints, you may request access to the source code repository we use to develop the software by logging into the License Manager and uploading a copy of your receipt from the marketplace. You will then be able to access the source code here:

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  • Auto-generated blueprint bindings to the Unreal Engine online subsystems.
  • Over 160+ blueprint nodes and 70+ blueprint events to use in your game.

Code Modules:

  •  OnlineSubsystemBlueprints (Runtime)

Number of Blueprints: 160+ functions, 70+ events

Supported Development Platforms: All Unreal Engine 4 development platforms

Supported Target Build Platforms: All Unreal Engine 4 runtime platforms