Nano Molecular Synthesizer

Spawn items in style with customized manufacturing time.

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Game ready BP friendly asset. Example mechanics and BP code integration example comes with plugin. Great learning resource and detailed video documentation to get you started fast. This is highly detailed asset to be used with next gen computers and consoles.


  •  Nanite is enabled for the static meshes. This product supports Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.0 +
  • Spawn item with specific manufacturing time, that is remembered across sessions
  •  Drag and drop to level, but you will need to connect it to your PlayerController and your pick up system
  •  Helper widget included to adjust desired item spawn location and rotation
  • Memory optimization included in framework. Soft references and async loading where it makes sense.
  • Hundreds of small details included to make fun interactive experience.
  • Make your life easy and fast track your project.
  • Get support in community of developers using the same plugin code. In case of hidden problems or improvements it makes sense to group up rather then stay on your own.

Video overview :

Video documentation_00 :

Video documentation_01 :

Video documentation_02 :

Video documentation_03 :

Video documentation_04 :

Video documentation_05 :

Discord link:

기술적 세부사항

Code Modules:

  •  NMS (Runtime)
  • Plugin dependency CommonUI, Niagara (just to be able to use UNiagaraSystem variable)

Collision: (Yes, generated in UE5, no custom collisions)

Nanite Vertices Count:

  • 1 x 68, 1 x 12477, 1 x 35819, 1 x 111036, 1 x 193190, 1 x 238017, 1 x 601594, 1x 850353, 1 x 1032404, 1 x 1088872
  • LODs: (No)

Network Replicated: (No)

Number of Animations: 9

Number of Blueprints: 14

Number of C++ Classes: 15

Number of Materials: 15

Number of Material Instances: 50

Number of Static Meshes: 12

Number of Skeletal Meshes: 1

Number of Sounds: 16

Number of Textures: 50

Number of Vertices Skeletal Mesh: 1 x 40829

Number of Widgets: 8

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64

Important/Additional Notes: this plugin is BP friendly and there are many customizations options available. However in order to fully modify framework for specific needs at least basic c++ knowledge will be requiered. Provided example project implementation is there for your convenience to quickly understand what functionality was exposed from main NMSActor and NMSWidget. Please keep in mind that the example implementation and showcase might not be the best coding practice or smth. that developer would recommend in your main project. Use it as template but adjust it to your existing project framework.