Monster Within

SoundMorph - 2월 17, 2021
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1,500 Monster & Creature sounds!

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    4.0 - 4.26
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    애셋 팩
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We've made countless specialized sound effects files for EPIC Games for hire over the years. If they can trust us for quality sound content, so can you. The core team of us at SoundMorph come from over a 20 year history of working at AAA game studios such as BioWare, Electronic Arts and Microsoft. So we understand the sound needs for game development, and what you need. Some of our clients include companies like Skywalker Sound, Electronic Arts, Apple, Disney, and many more. For more information about us and what we do at SoundMorph, or for bundle purchasing or just general questions visit us directly at: or write to us directly at We are always happy to help. If you make a purchase on the Unreal Marketplace we can also set you up with an account on SoundMorph with any products that you purchase here.


Everything from Attacks, Roars, Giant Footsteps, to detailed foley, vocals and flesh ripping. We think this is a must have Monster and Creature library to add to your collection.

기술적 세부사항

- Attacks

- Body Movements

- Breathing

- Damage

- Death

- Enter

- Exit

- Foley

- Footsteps

- Grunts

- Hits

- Idles

- Impacts

- Jumps

- Melee

- Pain

- Reactions

- Screams - Roars

- Spawns

- Swings / Swipes

- Taunts

1490 files

1.08 GB

Number of Audio Tracks: 1490

Number of Audio Cues: 1490

Sample rate/Bit rate:44100kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVS