Hit & Punch

Shapeforms Audio - 1월 20, 2021
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490 potent fighting, motion and impact sounds

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You have a game. It's almost great.

But it's missing something: PUNCH.

Hit & Punch empowers you with a battery of 491 potent fighting, motion and impact sounds, perfect for fighting games, brawlers, FPS, RPGs and more – any game where dukes are raised and fisticuffs ensue.

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You could wield the awesome power of:

  • 264 potent punches. 88 punches in 3 variants: light, medium, heavy – instantly add dynamism and variety to your game.
  • 137 varied impact SFX: Brutal hits, electric fists, jaw breaking cracks, metallic thuds, flesh-smooshing squelches, heavy thuds, and more!
  • BONUS: 90 sounds to compliment the core library. Jabswhooshesscratchesclothing rustlesnaps, stylised vocal exertion, and others, giving you all you need to furnish your game with visceral combat sound.
  • Made with care, drawing from over 10 years experience making games (including contribution to 7 Global iOS/Android #1's)


Anywhere there's the sound of stuff breaking or enemies lookin' for a bad time, a couple bruises and a bandaid, Hit & Punch has your back.

기술적 세부사항

Number of Audio Waves 491

Number of Audio Cues 491

Sample rate / bit rate 44,100 Hz / 16-bit

Do Sound FX loop No

Minutes of audio provided 2m 24s

Supported Development Platforms Windows: Yes, Mac: Yes

Documentation Full track list and Info (please note the track list shows 96 24 in the format column – this references the HD source material. Files in the pack have been converted to 44 16 for Unreal Engine)