Heightmap Collection

Matic - 3월 2, 2021

25 landscapes and automaterial environment starter pack

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Example Video

There is nothing worse than a blank canvas... now you can get rolling on your own unique environments, easily and fast!

This is a collection of landscapes first and foremost, intended to be an easy-to-use resource for anyone wanting to dive into high-end landscape environments, but the pack also includes an automaterial, a TON of extra resources, and examples to help you avoid wading through pages of details before getting creative. 

Everything shown in the images and videos is included and from this pack!

Each heightmap can be used in many different ways. Turn mountains into islands, moonscapes into mars, grasslands into forests - the power of this pack is as a starting place to build and populate your OWN worlds.


  •  25 heightmaps (landscapes) each with 4-7 associated maps (curvature, slope, occlusion, water, sediment etc).
  •  Multiple lighting setups for realistic landscapes, can save hours of tuning!
  •  Heightmaps are large (on average about 4 kilometers a side at 1-meter resolution, 4k+ mattes) and created with unique per-landscape setups in Houdini... They are not just one-button noise fields but huge fully realized landscapes, usually several miles across!
  • An additional 89 textures for 13 different types of materials plus props and effects like reticle, craters etc.

기술적 세부사항

17 example maps demonstrate:

  •   Auto Material setups.
  •   Displacement.
  •   Painting layers.
  •   Foliage placement based on slope or maps.
  •   Using mattes.
  •   Lighting large landscapes.
  •   Look variations in volumetric clouds.
  •   Reticle overlay.
  •   Emissive and reflective material examples.

About the automaterial:

This is a mid-tier automaterial intentionally built to be as human-understandable and exposed as possible. It is designed for visualization and learning. Textures are broken out to be easily understood. Materials are separated into modular functions. The result is highly performant while still being understandable and capable of high quality results as shown in the example images.

Automaterial capabilities:

  •   Material variation by slope, height or matte images.
  •   Image tinting and color correction.
  •   All examples include camera-distance based scaling to remove tiling.
  •   Additional standard multi-scale noise overlay further obfuscates any tiling artifacts.
  •   Channels include Albedo, AO, Normal, Roughness, Height.
  •   Example foliage placement by slope or matte.
  •   Painting demonstrated.
  •   Displacement and tessellation demonstration map.
  •   Example setups for emission/glow, puddles, curvature based darkening etc.

It's meant to be a starting point to either building your own or purchasing (and learning to use) one of the more complex but powerful marketplace tools available.