Gameplay Event Graph

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Event-Driven Gameplay Task Graph. Powered by GAS(Gameplay Ability System)

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    5.1 - 5.3
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Gameplay Event Graph is an event-driven graph, based on GAS.

Gameplay Event Graph Editor

Gameplay Event Graph provides a visual graphic editor, allowing you to easily manage the timing logic of tasks.

Gameplay Event Graph Task

In the Gameplay Event Graph, all tasks are event-driven, and you can easily and quickly configure the corresponding events for tasks. It also supports fully customized tasks, which not only help you write task logic more effectively, but also allow customization of the UI display of nodes, with full support for blueprints.

AI Support

Gameplay Event Graph can also serve as another AI behavior model. I call it Event-Driven AI Behavior Network, making it easier for AI to listen to and respond to events.


Gameplay Event Graph has a debug mode similar to the Behavior Tree, which can assist you in debugging the Gameplay Event Graph more efficiently.

기술적 세부사항


Gameplay Event Graph System

  • Gameplay Event Management

Gameplay Event Graph Editor

  • Editor for Gameplay Event Graph

Gameplay Event Graph Task Node

  • Task Node of Gameplay Event Graph.

Gameplay Effect Container

  • Helper for Gameplay Effect Application

Code Modules:

  • GameplayEventGraph(Runtime)
  • GameplayEventGraphEditor(Editor)


Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 64

Network Replicated: Yes

Plugin Dependency: GameplayAbilities

Supported Development Platforms: Windows / Linux / MacOS

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows / Linux / MacOS

Documentation: Gameplay Event Graph (

Important/Additional Notes: Discord Channel