Flipbook Toolkit

trashbyte - 2020/09/12
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An editor window with tools for playing, inspecting, and visualizing flipbooks

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Flipbook Toolkit is a tool for quickly visualizing flipbook-based effects, without setting up any materials or particle systems.

Flipbooks are a kind of spritesheet - a texture with several images packed inside. Specifically, it's a sequence of images for an animation, arranged in a grid. By displaying the images in sequence you can easily create animations for visual effects.

With Flipbook Toolkit, you can visualize flipbooks of any size or layout, at any frame rate, against any solid color or checkered background, using one of three supported blend modes. See exactly what you want to see with robust transport controls, including forward, reverse, and ping-pong playback, frame advance, and a time slider to quickly sweep through different sections. Choose any combination of color channels to display. Adjust the image with Photoshop-style levels adjustment. Get more out of your flipbooks with linear frame interpolation or motion vector blending. Colorize your effects with a simple Blackbody gradient or use any gradient you want with custom color curves.

All these features and more are outlined in the online documentation. And you can try it out right away, since the plugin content includes a set of 37 public-domain flipbooks offered by Unity.

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  •  View flipbooks of any size or layout as animated previews and as spritesheets
  • Quickly preview a collection of assets using the asset picker or by simply dragging and dropping
  • Preview flipbooks in motion at any framerate, and loop through parts of a sequence, forwards, backwards, or ping-pong
  • Visualize sequences with translucent, additive, or modulate blend modes
  • Pick any background color, with or without checkering
  • Visualize any combination of RGBA color channels
  • Photoshop-style levels adjustment
  • Playback with either no smoothing, linear frame interpolation, or motion vector blending
  • Colorize sequences with either a built-in Blackbody-based gradient, or use any gradient you want with custom color curves
  • Tiling preview for seamless effects

Code Modules:

  •  FlipbookToolkit (Editor Plugin)

Number of Blueprints: 2 (1 Editor Utility Widget, 1 internal)

Number of C++ Classes: 8 (internal)

Network Replicated: N/A

Supported Development Platforms: Win32, Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: N/A (Editor-only)

Documentation: https://trashbyte.io/docs/flipbooktoolkit/

Additional Notes: Additional features or support for other platforms / engine versions may possibly be added upon request.