DELTACAST Media Player

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DELTACAST Media Plugin

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The DELTACAST Media Plugin offers direct support of DELTACAST SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort video I/O cards into the Unreal Engine, allowing live video capture from a DELTACAST’s card input ports to the Unreal Engine; and sending rendered video output from the Unreal Engine out to an output port of a DELTACAST’s video card.

기술적 세부사항


  • Video input AND output support
  • Support of DELTACAST’s SDI, HDMI and DisplayPort I/Os.
  • Resolutions from SD up to 8K60
  • Genlock support : can lock the UE’s frame rate to match the reference input video.
  • Timecode support : UE’s frame timecode can match the timecode of the SDI input video feed (LTC)
  • Support of RGBA 8-bit and YUV 422 8-bit/10-bit textures
  • Handle DELTACAST’s board configuration.

The plugin is designed to operate DELTACAST devices through the VideoMaster software libraries (v6.18 and higher).

See our different card models available on, and download the VideoMaster software packages from our download center. Linux software resources requires credentials which you can request by completing our contact form or sending an email to [email protected].

Code Modules:

  • DeltacastMedia
  • DeltacastMediaEditor
  • DeltacastMediaOutput
  • DeltacastMediaSource
  • DeltacastMediaSourceFactory

Supported Development Platforms: Win64 / Linux

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64 / Linux