Compiled Audio Pack

Alan Dalcastagne da Cunha - 4월 12, 2021
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84 Tracks, 63 Sound Effects and 18 Fanfares for your game!

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I Present a compiled of my best tracks so far, here you'll get for your game:


25 - Synthwave Music

11 - Ambient Music

10 - Battle theme - (RPG Turn Based)

10 - Chiptune (8 Stage themes 2 boss themes)

9 - Electronic

7 - Tense (Battle, Or Boss)

6 - Casual

3 - Adventure 

3 - Melancolic (Sad)

Total: 74 Tracks!


22 - Horror Sounds (Haunted House Theme)

15 - Medieval Attack Sfx

14 - UI

2 - Explosions

2 - HitechGroundReveal 

3 - HITECH Steps

1 - SoundScape

4 - Chiptune SFX

Total: 41 Sound Effects!

Fanfares(Small songs to use on victory or defeat scenario, deliver quest and stuff like that)

9 - Victory

9 - Defeat

Total: 18 Fanfares!

Check the Preview(There's a playlist with the updates on my channel)

Check the Documentation

Now here's two good news:

1 - This pack will receive updates EVERY MONTH and you'll get it without paying anything else than the original value.

2 - The majority of the tracks has more than 3 minutes each without repeating itself in the middle.

If you have any questions, fell free to send me an email. 

기술적 세부사항

Number of Audio Wavs: 165

Number of Audio Cues: 165

Sample rate / bit rate: (i.e. 22,050 or 44,100 Hz) 44,100 (Turn Based Rpg Battle: 48,000 Hz)

Does music loop: (Yes/No) Yes

Minutes of audio provided: More than 3 hours

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: (Yes/No) Yes

Mac: (Yes/No) Yes

Documentation: Here

Important/Additional Notes: Fonts Used:

RoadRage, free and distributed by;

Good Times, free and distributed by

Grusskarten Gotisch, free distributed by 1001fonts,

Glass Houses free distributed by 1001fonts;

Photos on the medieval pack by Henry Hustava, free distributed by Unsplash

text on megabit cover generated by textCraft, free for commercial use.