BUSAN FILM COMMISSION - 소품 - 2024/04/19
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The Busan Film Commission has digitized BUSAN CINEMA CENTER located in Centum City, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea as a project called ‘2023 Digital Location Development’ Support.

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BUSAN CINEMA CENTER was opened in September 2011 as a video complex cultural space representing Busan and a dedicated hall for the Busan International Film Festival. Austrian architect Coop Himmelbrough took charge of the basic design and is considered one of the most beautiful buildings with deconstructionist architectural aesthetics.


It has become an iconic building in the Korean film industry, and in addition to the Busan International Film Festival, various film-related events are held throughout the year.


It consists of three buildings, BIFF Hill, DOUBLE CONE, and CINEMOUNTAIN, each of which is connected by a cloud bridge. The outdoor area has DURERAUM Square and an outdoor theater with 4,000 seats.


The Big Roof, a roof covering DURERAUM Square, is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest cantilever roof in the world, measuring 60.8 m by 162.5 m.


At night, LED lights on the roof create a variety of spectacular scenery, providing a variety of attractions, making it one of the main visiting courses for Haeundae tourists.


※ This asset was produced with the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Busan Metropolitan Government as part of the Busan Film Commission's "XR Tech Lab Construction and Operation" project.

For works produced by the Busan Film Commission, we recommend that they be type 2 public works (prohibition on commercial use + citation of source).

reference : https://www.kogl.or.kr/info/licenseType2.do

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Number of Unique Meshes: 120

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Number of Materials and Material Instances: 101

Number of Textures: 133

Texture Resolutions: 256*256 ~ 4906*4096

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