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Basic Utils Library

W2Wizard - 11월 23, 2020

The Basic Utils Library adds over 50+ nodes that are considered basic and essential like FileIO, Data Serialization and more.

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Version: 2020.1.0


The Basic Utils Plugin (BUP) aims to add many missing features that can enhance the development of your project, as well as try to fill in the gabs of missing features and cool new additions.

Core Features:

  • Array conversion nodes that autocast like regular conversion nodes, allows to simply convert an array of one data type to another.
  •  Array sorting, (Selection, Bubble, Insertion*) *Not for Strings, Text and names.
  •  Sums and Averages for Numeric types as well as String arrays (if they include numbers).


  • ACos2
  • ASin2
  • Find Length
  • Find Width
  • Grid/Cube
  • Spiral
  • Point Sphere
  • Ellipse/Circle
  • Cyllinder
  • Fibonacci
  • Golden Ratio

FileIO Functions

  • Get File information: Created, modified, accessed, IsReadOnly, ...
  • Move/Rename, Write, Load , Delete,... Files & Directories

Data Serialization:

  • Buffer Object for storage, set and getting the buffer itself
  • Serialization support for all primitive types.
  • Easy expandability, you can make your own serialization macros.
  • Byte Array to Hexadecimal String and vice versa.
  • Texture2D Serialization

기술적 세부사항

Code Modules:

  •  BasicUtilsLibraryPlugin | Runtime

Number of C++ Classes: 19

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Win32 & Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win32 & Win64

Documentation: All nodes are commented and straight forward, for the ArchiveBuffer documentation you can go here.

Important/Additional Notes: If any extra ideas or nodes a required, Contact me!