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Arctic Cliffs

Konstantin Bugakov - 배경 - 2023/12/06

Arctic environment, designed with Lumen, Nanite and other Unreal Engine 5 features in mind.

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Arctic environment, designed with Lumen, Nanite and other Unreal Engine 5 features in mind.



  • A set of realistic, handfully crafted Nanite meshes of ice sheets, rocks and ice pieces of different sizes.
  • Materials with several layers of detail maps, which use RVT blending with landscape snow and Streaming VT to lower GPU memory footprint for high-res bitmaps.
  • 2-layer Landscape Material, using RVT for blending with assets.
  • A practical example of using Water plugin functionality and SingleLayerWater material - using water wave asset, waterline and underwater postprocessing, ocean foam, waves SSS, multiple LODs and minimizing tiling repetition functions.
  • Custom Niagara-based floating ice blueprint, with shader-based buoyancy through Water plugin wave data.
  • Niagara particle effects of snow and falling ice debris.
  • Custom Volumetric Clouds material based on volume textures from the Volumetrics Plugin.
  • Image Based HDR hemisphere sky background as helper or substitute to the Volumetric Clouds.
  • Full-featured example location and assets overview map, set up with Lumen lighting.

기술적 세부사항

This product supports Nanite for Unreal Engine 5.3+

This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.3+

How to enable Lumen in the project

! This product requires Water and Volumetrics plugins to be enabled in the Project

[17] Meshes

[11] Materials

[21] Material Instances

[9] Material Functions

[43] Textures

[2] Levels : Demo and Overview

[4] Blueprint Classes

[3] Particles

Collision: Automatically generated / per-poly

Vertex Count: 3092-5000018

LODs: N/A (Nanite)

Texture Resolutions: 1-3 UDIM tiles of 2K-4К for ice, 8K for rocks. 2K for microdetail/landscape.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64 bit

Documentation: Node Graphs comments and parameters descriptions

Important/Additional Notes: Link