Animated HUD Elements

GinMotion - 2월 26, 2021

A collection of Animated HUD Elements to use for your Interface

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This pack Contains 55+ assets for your HUD (or wherever) to make it more interesting and more unique.

All assets are Flipbooks meaning they are animated and can be controlled with values and blueprints, for example to control a health bar. Or just use a single Frame from them to flesh out your HUD or on Actor Graphics

*** Update V2 is online with around 10 new elements to be found in folder "V2" ***

*** Update V3 is online with Cyberpunk inspired Elements in folder "V3" ***

*** Update V4 is online with more Cyberpunk Elements (as was requested from many users) in folder "V4" ***

Flipbook gives you the flexibility you are used to from blueprints while maintaining the fidelity and detail you know from animated videos.

An example on how to target the flipbook and control it with values is included.

Bring your HUD to the next level and check out the preview video below



Free PLUGIN To add flipbooks to Widgets (called: Paper Flipbook Widget)

Plugins & Tools - Elhoussine Mehnik (

PaperFlipbook Widget - Google Drive (direct link)

Happy creating :)

기술적 세부사항


  •  88 Flipbooks
  •  65+ Unique Design Elements

Number of Blueprints: 1 Example Blueprint

Number of Materials: 1 Master Material and whos instances control the look of the flipbooks

Number of Textures: 40 to 100+ per flipbook

Texture Resolutions: 300px to 1920px

Important/Additional Notes: I only provide the Flipbooks and graphics and an example how to control them not a functioning HUD or widget