Advanced Widgets

Prographo - 블루프린트 - 2024/02/26

Designed to create good interfaces easily with pre-designed and versatile widget blueprints.

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This asset is very useful to create interfaces pre-designed for players with ergonomic mechanisms.

The use is simple and straightforward. But the customization is very advanced.

The asset widgets are designed to be easily implemented in your projects.

Documentation Here
Updates are coming ! Check our Prographo Website !

기술적 세부사항

Features: all widgets can be customized visually

  • Button Text : and other buttons use key (name) in dispatcher on click
  • Button Image
  • Button CheckState : custom text State
  • Toggle Button : custom text array
  • Toggle Button Image : custom image array
  • ComboBox : custom text and/or image
  • InputBox : custom title, message, hint text
  • MessageBox : custom title, message, buttons array (MessageBox dispatcher manage buttons response with keys)
  • ColoredSlider : custom solid/gradient color on slider, thrumb
  • Carousel : custom image array and text array
  • Spin : custom image array and text array
  • ToolTip : custom text with richtext supported (designed to be use in widget tooltip)
  • TopSwitcher : custom title, tab array, horizontal alignment
  • LateralSwitcher : custom title, tab array, vertical alignment

Number of Blueprints: ~ 16

Network Replicated: Possible in widgets naturally

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows: YES
  • Mac: YES

Documentation: Check our Prographo Website

Important/Additional Notes: Updates are coming !