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Advanced VoIP Voice Chat System

Complete VoIP Voice Chat System (up to 164 Players!!!) for multiplayer real time communications with cellphones, Walkie-Talkie multiBand-frequencies

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Advanced Audio/Voice Signal Spectrum/Band Routing for Multiplayer Video Games Blueprint System in Unreal Engine

Overall Main Features for VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol):

  • 1) Simple VOIP Voice Chat (team/global/positional-proximity)
  • 2) Walkie Talkie VOIP Voice Chat (with different frequencies or mono frequency)
  • 3) Cellphone VOIP Voice Chat (call specific players in the game in your contact list)
  • 4) Mute Specific Players or All
  • 5) AreaBoxes triggers with Signal Jammers (low signal & bad transmission)
  • 6) Works for both Host as Server and Dedicated Servers
  • 7) 164 Players Support updated!
  • 8) New Enhanced Input System Implemented
  • 9) New UE5 Mannequin added

Playable Demo/Discord Channel/VideoPlayList

**NO Sound middleware depended e.g., FMOD, Wwise**

**100% Blueprints NO C++ required**

Supports up to 164 players but can be extended to your needs whatever you like by extending the DataTable/s entries.

 Proximity/Positional Distance Voice Chat

  • Global Voice Chat (2 Methods)
  • Team Voice Chat
  • Mute-Player/s
  • Walkie-Talkie SingleBand (mono-Frequency) + Proximity/Positional Attenuation Distance Near Player
  • Walkie-Talkie MultiBand (multi-Frequencies) + Proximity/Positional Attenuation Distance Near Player
  • Routing Voice to Speakers assets inside a 3D environment aka "the singer effect" hearing live signal feedback (VoIP Audio/sound Real-time conversion to 3D Location-Based sound)
  • SinglePlayer Voice Routing to Speaker Assets without the need for Multiplayer Session initiated (same as the above bullet but without the session)
  • Cellphone Call circuit (A player can call any other player and talk privately with proximity Audio Distance from Phone and players Position Voice)
  • Cellphone 1 Categories
  1. Circuit Information on the player (Data in the memory of the Player)

Walkie-Talkie States:
  • OFF (no receive no broadcast)
  • ON (receive but no broadcast)
  • ON (receive and broadcast)
Cellphone States:
  • OFF
  • ON
  • ON + Receive Call to answer (Circuit-Setup) + Busy Circuit if on call already
  • ON Make Call to a certain Player (Circuit-Setup) + Busy Circuit if on call already
  • A player can pick a Frequency FM and only in that Frequency can talk to other players with synched same Hz

Additional mechanics:
  • Multiplayer LAN Session Client-Server
  • PickUp/Drop Actor System
  • Locomotion States
  • NPC A.I. Detection by Hearing for testing
  • Niagara Visualizer Audio Spectrum/Band-freq Analysis/Response Waveform kinetics
  • Basic Graphics Quality Settings
  • Team Selection Screen
  • Walkie-Talkie Screen Emission in different states
  • Player Name-Tags with proper repNotify for late join-games
  • Works on Late join-games as well without interruption to new or old players
  • Cellphone + Walkie-Talkie SoundFX + Calling/Dial RingTones + Areas Boxes (without event Tick! but Live update between switching while talking) with Signal Audio Attenuation Low Bar quality/static Noise and Signal Corruption (ideal for Horror Multiplayer Games e.g., Attach it on areas or Enemys when nearby your Audio will get low quality while talking with others or even complete noise static corruption From Both Receiver/s and Sender/s Perspective while other players remain untouched to signal degradation - yes evil presence interrupts comms :) )
  • Volume/Mic Input/Output Sensitivity Adjust
  • 2D/3D Sound
  • Compatible with any UE4 Online Subsystem using UE4 standard network API (RPC, replicated variables/RepNotifies)
  • Cross-Platform


See the image User/Player workflow to understand how to use it in-game (basic flowchart)

기술적 세부사항

Guide Usage:

  • Use Code By inheritance of BP_VoiceChat_Character_White/Black and Game Mode/Sub-categories
  • AdvancedVoIPVoiceChatSystem\Blueprints\CharacterBP\Multiplayer\BP_VoiceChat_Character_White Blueprint Notes how to start and find your way in the blueprints 
  • AdvancedVoIPVoiceChatSystem\Blueprints\Modes Comments/Notes on how to use the blueprints in your new project (inherit or adjust the code as needed or use your own by keeping some references)

Supported Development Platforms:

  • Windows/Linux/MacOs: (Yes)
  • VR: (Yes)
  • Pixel-Streaming: (Yes)


Important/Additional Notes:

  • In order to test this, you must use separate physical machines in a LAN network environment and not 1 single PC (with multiple game instances OR Unreal Engine PIE NET MODE client-server).
  1. If you still want to test basic functionality without the audio part that gets transmitted (as proof) then you can test it in 1 pc in-editor BUT on standalone mode and make CREATE SESSION 1 Player then others as JOIN that SESSION
  • The Custom fonts Retro-pixeled and Display-Phone supports only as they describe "0-9, F, M, ., i" glyphs/letters if any other artifacts will appear so use/replace them with your own.