Cesium for Unreal

Cesium - 3월 30, 2021

Cesium for Unreal unlocks the 3D geospatial ecosystem in Unreal Engine with real-world 3D content and a high accuracy full-scale globe.

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The Cesium for Unreal plugin unlocks the 3D geospatial ecosystem in Unreal Engine. By combining a high-accuracy full-scale WGS84 globe, open APIs and open standards for spatial indexing like 3D Tiles, and cloud-based real-world 3D content with the power of Unreal Engine, you are empowered to create a new era of geospatial applications utilizing real world content using game engines.

See Cesium for Unreal in action

Cesium for Unreal can stream real-world 3D content such as high-resolution photogrammetry, terrain, imagery, and 3D buildings from Cesium ion and other sources. The plugin includes a Cesium ion integration for one-click access to global 3D content ready for streaming. Ion users can also leverage cloud-based 3D tiling pipelines to create end-to-end workflows transforming massive 3D content into semantically-rich 3D Tiles, ready for streaming to UE.

The plugin supports cloud and private network content and services based on open standards and APIs. You are free to use any combination of sources with the plugin that you please.

Download Cesium for Unreal Samples to get started with sample projects and levels.

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  • Enables a high-accuracy full-scale globe in Unreal Engine with high accuracy to create digitalized twins of the real world using open standards and APIs.
  • Visualize real-world 3D content using 3D Tiles spatial index for high-resolution photogrammetry, terrain, imagery, and 3D cities to create rich environments.
  • Cesium ion integration for one-click access to global curated 3D content.
  • Integrated with Unreal Engine Editor, actors and components, blueprints, physics, collisions, landscaping and foliage, and other UE4 capabilities.

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Code Modules:

  • Cesium Editor - Create digitalized real-world applications using the Cesium Editor, including an integration with Cesium ion to stream global 3D content to Unreal Engine.
  • Cesium Runtime - The Cesium Runtime module allows you to ship your application without the need to package all the content, and instead use streaming to create global experiences.

Supported Platforms: Windows 10 x64, MacOS, Linux

License: Cesium for Unreal is open source under the Apache 2.0 license, and is free to use for commercial and non-commercial use.

See the changelog to learn what changed in each verison.