Kinect 4 Unreal Introduction

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Kinect 4 Unreal enables the use of the Kinect 2 Sensor and the Kinect 4 Windows API.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This will only run on Windows 8 and above, and requires a free download of the Kinect SDK 2.0 plugin:

Kinect 4 Unreal (K4U) allows you to use the Kinect 2 motion sensor and the accompanying Kinect 4 Windows API directly within Unreal Engine 4. Kinect tracking data is exposed via the Blueprint interface, allowing for the entire Kinect 4 Windows feature set to be utilised without a single line of code.

This Introduction project demonstrates how to utilise the Kinect 2 via the Blueprint system, and how easily Kinect data can be used to control actors and components. It also explains the design conventions the plugin uses in order to streamline the workflow between Kinect and Unreal. Thoroughly commented and organised blueprints will guide you through the use of our plugin.

Technical Details

The project demonstrates basic Kinect 4 Windows functionality such as:

· Joint Location

· Joint Rotation

· Joint Delta Position

· Audio Volume/Beam Angle

· Camera Frames (RGB, IR, Normalised Depth)

· Avateering

This project requires the K4U plugin which can be downloaded here:

To install the plugin, drop the K4U plugin inside the plugin folder inside the project.

Intended Platform

Desktop, Oculus Rift



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