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JSON parser. Easy way to read,create and manipulate JSON in Blueprints. File transfer is also possible. Save and read JSON (Harddisk).

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Easy way to read,create and manipulate JSON in Blueprints. It fits very well to my other plugins. You can transfer files with JSON using the built-in Base64 functions. I only tried Linux and Windows. Therefore, only these are officially supported. But the plugin should run on any platform where the engine is running. Successfully compiled by Epic for Win32, Win64, Mac, iOS, Android.

Technical Details

  • Create JSON Strings
  • Read JSON Strings to Arrays and Maps
  • Manipulate JSON Strings
  • Easy to use. 4 Main Nodes and few optional Nodes.
  • Compatible with UE4 Maps, Variables and Arrays
  • Supported Types: Bool, String, Number(double), Object, Arrays
  • File transfer. (Base64 encode/decode)
  • Save JSON to File and read JSON from File
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Documentation
  • Support: unrealmarketplace@virtualbird.de (ENG,GER)

Changelog (4.17, 4.18, 4.19)

  • (11/10/2017) Version 1.1: Fixed a bug when creating an array with an ID. {"numberarray":[1,24,4]}
  • (11/13/2017) Version 1.2: Added mixed Array Support.
  • (11/19/2017) Version 1.3: Base64 File transfer. Base64 is supported by all common programming languages.
  • (12/26/2017) Version 1.4: Fixed a bug in the Mixed Array Node that caused a crash.
  • (03/05/2018) Version 1.5: Save JSON to File and read JSON from File functions added.
  • (03/05/2018) Version 1.6: Add JSON with Padding function.

Changelog (4.18, 4.19, 4.20)

  • (09/25/2018) Version 1.7: Bugfix in Make Json Object. There was a bug when a value was an array.
  • (11/07/2018) Version 1.8: Bugfix: Old values were not deleted when used after an custom event.



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