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JSON parser. Easy way to read,create and manipulate JSON in Blueprints. File transfer is also possible.

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 Easy way to read,create and manipulate JSON in Blueprints. You can transfer files with JSON using the built-in Base64 functions. I only tried Linux and Windows. Therefore, only these are officially supported. But the plugin should run on any platform where the engine is running.

Technical Details

  • Create JSON Strings
  • Read JSON Strings to Arrays and Maps
  • Manipulate JSON Strings
  • Easy to use. 4 Main Nodes and few optional Nodes.
  • Compatible with UE4 Maps, Variables and Arrays
  • Supported Types: Bool, String, Number(double), Object, Arrays
  • File transfer. (Base64 encode/decode)
  • Include C++ Source for C++ Projects
  • Documentation
  • Support in comments or unrealMarktplace@virtualbird.de (ENG,GER)


  • (10/11/2017) Version 1.1: Fixed a bug when creating an array with an ID. {"numberarray":[1,24,4]}
  • (13/11/2017) Version 1.2: Added mixed Array Support.
  • (19/11/2017) Version 1.3: Base64 File transfer. Base64 is supported by all common programming languages.



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