jRPG Template

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jRPG Template provides pack of the systems needed to create your own jRPG game.

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-customizable characters creation

-customizable stats for each character

-stats bonuses per character level

-defined equipment for each character

-add or remove party members

-XP and level system

-characters formation to set positions in battle


-create any amount of items with custom data

-list-based inventory

-add/discard items

-add rarity to items

-single or multiple stacks

-use items from inventory (ie. potions to heal characters)

-create any amount of equipment

-equip/unequip items to characters

-add stats to equipment so they will affect characters

-define what kind of equipment characters can use


-create any amount of game saves

-placeable Save Points to save the game on World/Exploration maps

-games are saved to and loaded from files

-delete/overwrite saves

-all player data is maintained during map changes

-track time played

-simple Spawn and Teleport points system to help design your maps connection


-create custom actions (Attack, Defend, Use Item, Flee, Use Magic etc.)

-initiative based turns (faster characters attack more frequently)

-use items during battle

-targeting system

-create custom encounters (how many and what enemies will appear)

-easily set up spawn positions for player characters and enemies)

-gain XP, gold and items after battle


Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:


  • 9 basic Blueprints (characters, controllers, game modes, game instance etc.)
  • 6 standard actors
  • 6 actor components
  • 1 Blueprint interface
  • 1 function library Blueprint
  • 2 save game objects
  • 29 widget Blueprints
  • structures, enums, and data tables


  • 8 character Blueprints (5 playable characters and 3 enemies)
  • 5 levels

Input: Mouse (gamepad/keyboard input is planned for the nearest updates)

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Tested on Windows, but should work on other as well

Supported Target Build Platforms: Tested on Windows

Playable demo: LINK

Demo gameplay video: LINK

Documentation: LINK

Forum thread: LINK

Important/Additional Notes: This pack contains free icons from game-icons.net.



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