VDB Smoke V1

Cinematic FX - エフェクト - 2024/02/14

VDB Smoke V1 - 12 different high-resolution VDB loop Smoke

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VDB Smoke V1 takes realism to a whole new level. This innovative pack includes 12 high-quality VDB loop smoke, giving you complete control over the atmosphere of your scene.

Key features:

12 VDB loop smoke: Explore a variety of high-quality smoke ready to use in your project. Each smoke has been carefully crafted to deliver realistic visual effects. With the integrated material shader, you have full control over every aspect of the smoke. You can adjust density, color, emissivity, and many other parameters to achieve precisely the effect you need.

Sequencer Animations:

Bring your scene to life with built-in support for animations in Sequencer. Create dynamic changes in smoke by controlling their parameters in real-time based on keyframes.

Fire smoke:

Creatively customize smoke to your needs by transforming them into impressive fire. The process becomes intuitive and easy with material instance.

Efficiency and Performance:

Thanks to the optimized pack structure, you can enjoy spectacular cloud effects with minimal impact on your project's performance.





  • 12 VDB loop Smoke
  • 1 VDB Clouds Blueprint
  • 6 Overview Maps

This product supports Lumen for Unreal Engine 5.0+

Lumen Documentation:


Smoke VDB prepared with Embergen


Number of Unique Effects: 12 loop VDB

Number of Materials: 2x Master material, 44 Instance material

Number of Textures: 0

Number of Blueprints: 1

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes