Ultimate 2D Icon Mega Pack - 12,000+ Versatile Icons for All Genres


Explore the largest collection of 2D icons! Over 12,000 versatile icons in multiple sizes (16x16 to 1024x1024) for every genre. Perfect for all your design needs.

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    4.26 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.3
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    アセット パック
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🌌 Welcome to the Ultimate 2D Icon Mega Pack: A Universe of Creativity at Your Fingertips


Dive into the most extensive, diverse, and dynamic collection of 2D icons specifically crafted for game developers, designers, and digital creators. With over 12,000 icons spanning every conceivable genre and style, the Ultimate 2D Icon Mega Pack is your quintessential resource for bringing your digital projects to life.

A Genre for Every Creation:

Our pack is a treasure trove of creativity, catering to a myriad of genres and themes. Whether you're sculpting worlds for survival games, crafting narratives for MMORPGs, designing levels for platformers, or strategizing for RTS games, you'll find icons that perfectly align with your vision. Our collection spans across genres like fantasy, sci-fi, horror, adventure, sports, simulation, racing, and even educational themes, offering unparalleled variety.

👾 For the Game Developers: From intricate icons for RPG inventory items to sleek HUD elements for sci-fi shooters, our pack covers all bases. If you're working on a survival game, you'll find icons for resources, tools, and environments. For MMORPGs, we offer a range of class symbols, ability icons, and fantasy creatures. Strategy and puzzle game creators will find an array of tactical and puzzle-specific icons, including various shapes, patterns, and abstract designs.

📱 Beyond Gaming - A Digital Designer's Delight: Our icons transcend gaming, serving a wide array of digital applications. Mobile app developers will find icons for common functions, notifications, and user interface elements. Designers can enhance their user experience with our varied selection of navigational icons, buttons, and visual cues. The pack also serves desktop applications, educational software, and digital marketing materials with its diverse range.

Artistic Diversity and Style:

We celebrate various artistic styles within our collection. From nostalgic pixel art evoking classic games to modern flat designs for a contemporary feel, our icons cater to every aesthetic preference. Detailed illustrative icons bring depth and character to your projects, while minimalist designs offer clean, unobtrusive visuals.

🖌 Customizable and Adaptable: Our icons are more than just static images; they are a canvas for your creativity. Each icon is designed to be customizable, allowing you to tweak colors, add elements, or modify shapes to fit your project's unique style and requirements.

Sizes for Every Need:

Clarity and legibility are paramount in digital design. Our icons are available in multiple sizes - from the small 16x16 for subtle UI elements to the large 1024x1024 for prominent features. This range ensures your icons look crisp and clear on any platform, be it mobile, desktop, or large-scale displays.

Setting the Standard for Quality and Versatility:

Our commitment to quality and versatility sets our icon pack apart. Each icon is meticulously crafted by our team of experienced designers, ensuring a high standard of design and usability. We understand the importance of having a reliable and comprehensive resource at your disposal, and our pack is designed to be just that.

🚀 Your Journey Begins Here: The Ultimate 2D Icon Mega Pack is more than just a collection of icons; it's a gateway to limitless creativity. Whether you're a seasoned developer, a budding designer, or a digital enthusiast, our pack is the perfect tool to bring your ideas to life.

Download now and embark on a journey of endless possibilities with the most comprehensive, versatile, and dynamic icon pack available in the digital realm.


File count: 12,000+ icons + each size variation = 72,600+ icons

Animated: No

Total number of Textures: 87,570

Additional: Pixel based








Supported Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes