Stylized PBR Dungeon Pack - JFG

JamyzGenius - 2021/07/27

Stylized PBR Dungeon Pack JFG, plenty of props and variety for your scenes/levels/games

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    4.26 - 4.27
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Video Cinematic Showcase [Sequencer cinematic not included in this purchase]:

Video Asset Speed-Building Room 2:

Video Showcasing all assets [long]:

Check more renders + small clips showcasing the assets and more in here:

Stylized PBR Dungeon Pack, plenty of props and variety for your scenes/levels/games

About two months in the making, Includes the following.

  • 2K Textures [2048x2048]
  • 4 Demo Scenes [Asset Showcase, Demo Room 1 and Demo Room 2]
  • About 137 Unique Meshes
  • 178 Meshes Total [Including variations]



Bases [5x]

Bricks [11x]

Candles + Holders [8x]

Chains [5x]

Connector [balcony/rails] [1x]

Doors [12x] -> Pivots placed for convenient easy close/open movement

Floors [11x]

Grates [2x]

Pedestals [11x]

Posts [7x]

Props [78x]

Spikes [4x]

Stairsteps [3x]

Torches [9x]

Walls + Frames [11x]

Props Includes:

4 barrels [1 damaged destroyed]

2 barrel lids

1 barrel metal support

2 unique books with variations [20 total]


1x metal cage and variation

1x cauldron + supports [2 meshes]

3x chalice

1x chandelier

1x charcoal [for the floor torches]

1x chest with 3 variations [4 total]

1x dagger with 3 variations [4 total]

1x Platform Deco

1x Rock Tomb

3x Flags

5x golden coin meshes [1x individual, 4x stacks]

3x urns

3x bottles

2x unique potion meshes + variations [12 total]

4x sarcophagus meshes [1x base rock, 1x main, 2 doors]

1x skull


Floors: 400x400x100

Walls: 400x112x400

For frames, several sizes were reduces or kept similar.


Prefabs for drag and drop

1x Flag

4x Stacked bookcases

25x candles + holders + chandelier

1x gold coins stack

4x sarcophagus

4x wall torches

1x individual torch

2x floor torch


Torch Fire with embers

Torch Fire without embers

Small Fire with embers

Small Fire without embers

Demo Scene:

Asset Showcase

Asset Showcase [Walkable]

Demo Room 1 [Baked Lightning -> Static Light]

Demo Room 2 [Baked Lightning -> Static Light]

Rigging: No

Animations: No

LODs: No, All automatic

UV Unwrapping: Yes, non overlapping, manual.

Materials: 170

Material Instances: No

Textures: 441

VFX: Four particle systems



  • About 137 unique meshes / 178 total with variations
  • Plenty of variety to build dungeon rooms.
  • Four Demo Scenes

Number of Unique Meshes: About 137

Total Number of meshes: 178

Collision: Yes, automatic, several tweaked inside Unreal.

Vertex Count:

Bases -> 24 to 36

Bricks -> 20 to 96

Candles + Plate -> 81 -> 136

Holders -> 375 to 1993

Chains + Bases -> 48 to 1920

Connector -> 96

Doors + Deco -> 24 to 478

Floors -> 24 to 336

Grates -> 228

Pedestals -> 48 to 120

Posts -> 24 to 64

Props -> 12 to 1696 -> Most props under 1000

Spikes -> 12 to 36

Stairsteps -> 24

Torches Basic + Floor + Base -> 24 to 350

Torch HD + Base -> 72 to 2476

Walls -> 24 to 104

Wall Frames -> 24 to 460

LODs: No, automatic generated and tweaked in Unreal.

Number of Materials: 170

Material Instances: 0

Number of Textures: 441

Texture Resolutions: 2048x2048

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: No / N/A

Documentation: If there are any issues, please send me a message. I will do my best to help and reply as fast as I can. Feedback is always welcome to improve the quality of my creations. Thanks!

Important/Additional Notes: Refer to the screenshots to see what you get. What you see there is what you are purchasing.