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This blueprint allows you to create a composition of players or personalities and simply place them with the possibility of adapting their placement individually. This composition offers several possibilities for animations.

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This project contains a unique blueprint which makes it possible to compose a team, a sports team but not only. You can create a composition of several people if you wish. It is based on 3 databases:

- A player base

- A composition base which can be duplicated to have several compositions or several variations of a composition.

- A base for the Team, the team which contains a lot of informations about it.

The player base can be imported from an Excel also provided which makes it easier to manage a large list of people. In this list it is possible to enter the following informations:

- First and last name,

- Field position

- Nationality

- Weight, height, age

- Club, number of club selections and if he is captain.

- National team, number of selections in this team and if he is captain.

- An ID photo which may contain an alpha channel.

The composition database can be duplicated as many times as you like and contains the following informations:

- Player line. The maximum number of lines is 10.

- Position off the player on the line. The maximum number of people per line is 10.

- Individual offset in position, size and rotation

The 3rd database can also be duplicated and contains one of the composition you previously created. It contains the following informations:

- Full name, small name, nickname and abbreviation.

- City and nationality of the team

- Dates of creation and transition to professional status of the team.

- Stadium name.

- An image of the logo, flag...

After filling the databases, the visualization is done with the blueprint variables. They are classified into 4 categories:

- Default: Which allows basic settings such as the spacing between players or even reversing the lines: the first line becomes the last.

- Animation: Which allows you to manage the time of animations or the delay between them. A “Step by Step” mode allows players to be displayed one after the other and the same back.

- Player: Which allows you to configure the visualization of the player file, display or not the first name, display the number, the fact that he is captain or even up to 3 data(s) such as position on the field or age.

- Team Info: Which allows you to manage the display of the name, logo and informations of the composition team.

The composition can be adjusted in editor mode.

The team title may or may not be displayed, displayed only before the composition or for its entire duration. At any time, a button allows you to have an exit animation.

Thank you for your interest in this blueprint.

This project is a technical system allowing the rapid composition of a team, initially imagined to be used for group sports, such as soccer, rugby, handball, basketball, volleyball but you can also exploit it to present the different political party representatives for example or any other group of people united by the same cause.

As you might noticed that the images in this project are very simple and your project will look completely different with real photographs, visual and artistic touch. You are free to contact me for any additional adaptation to your graphical chart or creative project. 


- Single blueprint, no animations in the sequencer.

- 3 databases which offer the possibility of creating as much animation as desired.

- Up to 100 people, maximum of 10 lines and 10 people per line.

- Animations that take into account the fact of adding a title to the composition and leaving it visible or not.

- Possibility of animating step by step, i.e. player by player and going back.

- Simple modification of materials, there are in editable material instances.

- Ability to view the composition in editor mode.

- Several compositions are possible within the same level.

- Dates can be displayed as years

- All informations in the database can be displayed or hidden.

- Management of club or national teams.

- The position of each player can be adjusted in position, size or rotation, number 10, a little off-center is not a problem.

- Simple to use.

- Excel file provided for managing large player bases.

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