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PopcornFX Plugin

PopcornFX Realtime Particle FX Solution integration in UE4. Allows you to import and play PopcornFX Effects in Unreal Engine.

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Install tutorial

This plugin integrates the PopcornFX Runtime SDK into Unreal Engine 4, so you can import and play with any PopcornFX Effect created with the PopcornFX Editor.

PopcornFX in a nutshell:

- Cross-engine compatible: UE4, Unity, iClone, in-house-engines, ...

- Highly flexible particle system: make particles do anything you want

- Highly optimized: multithreaded, architecture-aware optimizations, scripting optimized for particles, etc...

- and more:


Performance Inside Unreal Engine 4


This plugin is fully integrated in UE4:

- Blueprint/C++ integration

- Auto-reimport and hot-reload fast workflow

- UE assets sampling for particles (static meshes, skinned meshes, textures, curves, vector fields, sounds, ..)

- Render PopcornFX particles as billboards/meshes/ribbons/lights with your own materials

- Advanced effect parameters (Attributes and Attribute Samplers)

- and more: Feature List

Build a better game using specific PopcornFX features :

- Sample Meshes, Textures, Curves, Text, Vector fields and more to drive your behaviors

- Spawn particles on animated meshes

- Have particles trigger blueprint events

- Project particles on geometry

- Store and query any information in the 3D space thanks to Spatial Layers

- Let particles inject impulses to push your rigid bodies thanks to Two-Way collisions

- Script your own particle behaviors

The plugin is distributed through github, and comes with a ContentExamples-style UE4 project "UE4 PopcornFX Examples".

UE4 Engine compatibility: From 4.8 to 4.19 (up-to-date list here)
For each new UE4 Minor version, it usually takes a week or two for us to release a compatible plugin.

Supported platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, PS4, Android, iOS, Switch, .. (up-to-date list here)