iClone Unreal Live Link

Real-time Digital Humans and Animation System for Unreal Engine. (iClone Live Link Plug-in for Unreal 1.6)

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
  • ダウンロードのタイプ
    エンジン プラグイン
    この製品には、コード プラグインが含まれており、ビルド済みのバイナリと Unreal Engine に統合される全ソースコードが完備されています。任意のエンジン バージョンにインストールし、プロジェクト毎に有効化することが可能です。

Product updated: May 17th, 2024

iClone Live Link Plug-in for Unreal 1.62

Support: UE 5.3 & UE5.4

Required Software Compatibility:

  • iClone 8.41 (8.41.2815.1)
  • Unreal Live Link Plug-in for iClone 1.31 (1.31.2809.1) 
  • Auto Setup for Unreal 1.35 (1.35.6502.1)

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iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in is the key to creating outstanding character animation for Unreal developers. 

It provides the easiest and most productive way to animate your character in the Unreal Engine, including facial expressions, lip-sync animations, and body animations with accurate hand movements.

iClone motion editing tools let you separate a character’s body parts into layers; making it easier to tweak the details, while blend motion tools provide a way to smoothly transition between different animations. On top of all this, there are also utilities for mocap input and the automatic generation of voice-to-lip-sync animation. With the iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in, you can create live performances, arch-viz, game animation, cutscenes, and films with cinematic quality.

iClone Unreal Live Link is FREE for indie developers and studios. Check your eligibility


  1. This application is part of an add-on for iClone. If you are new to iClone, you can download the 30-day free trial version HERE.
  2. Additional purchase is required when it comes to industry standard mocap hardware support for Xsens, Perception Neuron, Faceware, iPhone, Rokoko, OptiTrack, Leap Motion, or Qualisys.


1. Direct Transfer

  • Supports major character standards
  • Direct asset transfer for characters, lights, cameras, and props

2. Automatic Setup

  • Automated digital human shader assignment
  • Digital human shader transfer & parameter mapping
  • Automatic skeletal mapping.
  • Soft cloth physics transfer supports cloth physics, and character colliders
  • Prop PBR material & SSS shader transfer

3. Live Animation Link

  • Professionally designed animations from an extensive iClone motion library
  • Motion layer editing with HumanIK pose controls
  • Muscle-level facial editing
  • Timeline for audio lip-syncing
  • Live-performance capture for face, body, and fingers
  • Animatable skin-bone props
  • Linking existing Unreal assets with Live Link Blueprint
  • Synchronously control camera FOV, DOF, film back, and more

4. Data Link *only for iClone 8

  • Seamlessly adapt iClone animation to UE environment
  • Direct animations for iClone/CC characters in UE
  • Motion Retargeting for UE Characters & MetaHumans
  • Transfer iClone facial and drive MetaHumans' talking animation
  • Sequencer creation and management

5. Timecode Sync *only for iClone 8

  • Live link timeline sync and lossless frame-by-frame recording
  • High performance crowd scene production

6. Sequence recording for Unreal non-linear editing.


iClone Live Link 1.62

  • Supports UE 5.4

iClone Live Link 1.6 - Watch Video

  • Assets are now directly sent into the Unreal Editor, eliminating the need for command line interactions.
  • Enhanced the asset transfer process to enable parallel processing between iClone and Unreal Engine. Regular iClone operations can proceed seamlessly while the transfer process is offloaded to Unreal Engine for import procedures.
  • New "Exclude Morph Target" options enables accelerated transfer of assets. This is particularly useful for crowd simulations where facial expressions and body morphs of highly-detailed characters are not required.
  • "Bake all animations to sequencer" can now be enabled for the "Include Motion" option under Scene Mode or motion-only transfer in Motion Mode. The transferred elements will be recreated and directly imported into the UE Sequencer. *currently not support light assets
  • If the "Camera" option is enabled when "Bake all animations to sequence" is executed, the camera and its motion will be sent to UE Sequencer.
  • When "Bake all animations to sequencer" command is executed, all adjusted Switcher Cam keys will be brought into Unreal Editor Sequencer as "Camera Cuts".

iClone Live Link 1.5

  • Look-at constraints can be driven by camera or animated objects, simulating different levels of alertness and engagement.
  • Dynamic Wrinkles add emotive details to digital human performances and enrich the expressions of stylized characters.
  • More GPU Power for Unreal Rendering.

iClone Live Link 1.4 - Watch Video

a. Data Link

  • New function for quick transfer of Unreal scene objects back into iClone. This allows for more accurate animation feedback and preview when editing the scene with Live Link.
  • Choose to export all the motion clips within a selected time frame when transferring iClone characters and objects.
  • New Transfer Motion mode automatically transfers animation for the character and objects within a UE project, instead of having to manually export and import FBX files.
  • Transferred meshes for a character/object of the same name and bone structure will automatically re-import the character/object while preserving its motion (animation asset); this is convenient for changing out the clothes, accessories, and various materials.

b. Timecode

  • Support for FPS-independent timecode transmission mode with Unreal Live Link to ensure accurate timing for animations.

*Data Link & Timecode sync only support iClone 8