Hyena Input Mapping

Input mapping and remapping made easy. Add to any project. Supports keyboard, gamepad, or both. With a few extras.

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'Hyena Input Mapping' plugin for Unreal Engine 5 is a versatile and user-friendly tool designed to streamline input mapping and remapping in any project.

Whether you're using keyboard + mouse, gamepad, or both, this plugin has you covered.

Developed in C++, it's designed for use in Blueprints, making it accessible for all developers, regardless of programming expertise.

With fully customizable widgets and icons, you can create tailored input interfaces that match any unique aesthetic.


Quick Overview (2.5min)

Full demo showcase, ALS integration (playlist)

Questions, support, other plugins or whatever:

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Demo prompt icons are CC0, credits & licenses in the "README" widget in the corresponding folder.



  • Input Remapping: Easily remap input controls within your UE5 projects, both in-editor and in the packaged game.
  • Customizable Input Mapping: Decide what can be mapped, and what not, to suit your specific project requirements and player preferences.
  • Dynamic Input Device: If you decide to support both keyboard and gamepad, the demo shows how to switch seamlessly between those at runtime.
  • C++, data-driven and event-driven: Reduces BP spaghetti logic, overhead and technical debt of a full BP setup.
  • Designed for Blueprints, extendable in C++: There's no need to use C++ to use the plugin. You can, of course, extend it if you wish. Source is there, fully commented.

Code Modules:

  • HyenaInputMapping: Only dependencies are already in the engine: "Enhanced Input" and "UMG"

Number of Blueprints: 16 // examples as demo

Number of C++ Classes: 7

Network Replicated: No. There's no replication in the plugin. Still, different clients can have different mappings, and each client loads their own local copy of the saved mappings, so it could count as working online by design, without extra setup.

Supported 'Development' and 'Target Build' Platforms: Win64

Documentation: Docs link

Important/Additional Notes: Split-screen multiplayer using gamepad requires extra setup unrelated to the remapping itself.