HAMLET Stylized Environment

Third Asset - 環境 - 2024/06/20

A selection of Environment Assets. 152 Unique Meshes, Landscape Layers, Particle Effects and Shaders.

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン
    5.0 - 5.4
  • ダウンロードのタイプ
    アセット パック
    この製品には、Unreal Engine アセットを詰め合わせたものが入っています。任意の既存プロジェクトにインポート可能です。

HAMLET Stylized Environment provides natural and colourful assets fit for open world / fantasy projects.

Environment props and modular building pieces, tiling landscape textures, stylized water, particle effects and custom shaders.

  • Automatic landscape material with 8 layers
  • Automatic moss covering for props
  • Adjustable colour for leaves and water
  • Adjustable wind direction and intensity for grass and trees
  • Adjustable grass type, size and density
  • RVT for grass (disabled by default)
  • PBR Materials : Basecolor, O/R/M, Normal

  • Foliage : x34 (trees,roots,bushes,vines,grass,flowers)
  • Rocks : x6 (stone)
  • Clutter : x48 (fences,crates,barrels,shelves etc)
  • Structures : x58 (walls,pillars,roofs,doors etc)
  • Misc : x6 (water,rainbow)
  • Particles : x6 (leaves,fireflies,dust,fire,smoke,splashes)

and more.


Number of Unique Meshes: 152

Vertex Count: 14 to 8200

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 54

Number of Textures: 92

Texture Resolutions: 2048 and 1024

Collision: Yes, automatically generated

LODs: Yes, automatically generated

Supported Development Platforms: Windows and Mac are supported

Documentation: HERE