FluidNinja VFX Tools

Drive 3D Volumes without large VDB files! Ninja bakes fluidsim to small 2D Flipbooks and uses these to generate animated fog, smoke and cloud volumes.

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン
    4.20 - 4.27, 5.0 - 5.4
  • ダウンロードのタイプ
    この製品には、Unreal Engine プロジェクトの完全なフォルダが含まれており、Config ファイル、コンテンツのファイル、.uproject ファイルが完備されています。新規プロジェクトを作成するためのテンプレートとして利用することができます。

Links: User Manual / Tutorial Vids / Showcase Vids / GIFs / Volumetrics

Welcome to NinjaTools 1.8 for UE 5.4 - a 2D fluidsim baking toolkit, driving 3D volumes and particles

with extremely small baked data assets, typically 1-4 Megabytes. Ninja is providing a lightweight

alternative to large and performance heavy VDB assets, typically 100-400 Megabytes.

For responsive (non-baked) real time fluid simulation, see NinjaLIVE

For standalone flipbook player, see NinjaPLAY

Test before purchase! Download NinjaTOOLS for free, at the Community Server *

(*see "Student Version" section on the left side-bar.)




  1. Fluid simulator with real-time view ports
  2. Baking Tool to save density & velocity data to Flipbooks and Player-Materials
  3. Heterogeneous Volume setups for UE 5.4
  4. Cloud Volume and Fog Volume setups
  5. Niagara modules to sample the baked fluid data and drive GPU particle systems
  6. Flowmap creation tools
  7. Demo levels with 100+ use cases for stylized and realistic VFX

Sim Input: Niagara particles, Bitmaps and a Painter

Sim Output: Flipbooks, Flowmaps and ready-to-use Container Materials embedding baked data


  • Real time, parameter controlled fluid simulator with density and velocity output
  • Atlas map and image sequence baker, generating Texture assets and Vector Field data
  • Tiling, Looping baked data, ready to cover large areas
  • Material generator to automatically embed the baked assets
  • Niagara Modules to sample the baked data
  • Niagara Base Emitters / Systems and Blueprints to showcase various setups
  • A library of tutorial and sample VFX assets (fire, smoke, plasma, explosions)
  • Two hours of tutorial videos and 60+ pages of know-how / documentation in 3 PDFs