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360 Degree/ Dome/ Stereo Cam for rendering & streaming w/full Post-Process FX

The fastest, highest quality and most performant 360/ Dome/ Stereo Camera for Unreal Engine: Equirectangular, CubeMap and DomeMaster outputs. +8K rendering via Movie Render Queue, live-streaming to a Render Target/ Material. 100% FREE for Community use!!!

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The fastest, highest quality and most performant 360 Camera for Unreal:

  • Outputs to Equirectangular, Domemaster and CubeMap projections.
  • Stereoscopic 360 and VR 180 output formats.
  • Renders ultra-high resolution (+8K) video via Movie Render Queue.
  • Outputs direct to a Render Target for use with materials/ meshes.
  • Uses Unreal's Viewport pipeline for full post-processing effects.
  • Patented 360 seamless Bloom post process effect.
  • 360 alpha output ('Show Only'/ 'Hide Only').
  • Render Flag control.
  • Individual cube face rendering.
  • DLSS compatible for FPS optimisation.
  • Works with all post process effects apart from screen-space reflections, volumetric fog, and lens flares.
  • Works with video, alpha and audio.

Effortless Set-up and Use:

  • Drag and drop the 360 Camera actor instantly into your scene.
  • No blueprints required.
  • Wizard for instant set-up for streaming to RTMP/ NDI/ SRT/ RTSP/ Spout.
  • Can be attached to actors/ used with sequencer/ controlled with blueprints.
  • Works in-Editor, at-Runtime and in Packaged games and Custom Unreal builds.

Media Inter-Operability

  • Live-streaming over-the-network via RTMP/ NDI/ SRT/ RTSP.
  • Zero-latency/ compression live-streaming via Spout.
  • Direct recording to disk via MP4/ MOV/ AVI (FFMPEG integration).
  • Makes Unreal the 360 renderer for Resolume, TouchDesigner, Notch, MadMapper, Pixera etc
  • Can live-stream 360 video direct to/from Unreal to OBS Studio with our SPOUT to OBS Studio plugin


Support: We are available for questions on Discord!!!

Documentation: YouTube Tutorials / Documentation

Code Modules:

  • OWL 360 Camera Capture - In-Editor/ Runtime
  • OWL 360 Capture Component - In-Editor/ Runtime

Number of Blueprints: 0

Number of C++ Classes: 2

#Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win64

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64