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Create collections of UE marketplace products that you would like to keep and buy later.

  • サポートされたプラットフォーム
  • サポートされたエンジンバージョン

Create collections of marketplace items that you would like to keep for your future projects. allows you to easily filter your list and search, if any items from your list goes on sale you will receive an email notification so you can get the best price.


For creators:

Increase your reach when you run a sale by adding an "Add to wishlist" shortcut in your product page so that customers can easily add your product to their list. To do so add a link in the description that follows this pattern:[Your product link]

for example:


Q: Is UnrealSales free?

A: Yes and it will always be a free service

Q: How often will I get sale notifications?

A: We refresh our product database with Epic's every 3 days, at that point if you have any items that went on sale you will receive a notification.

Q: I've noticed that the products in my wishlist for my currency does not reflect the same price as in the marketplace, why is that?

A: We use our own currency conversion and we don't know the taxes for your country, while Epic does, we don't, so there might be small differences in prices but when it comes to sale notifications, we use sale percentage, so there will be no false positives.

Q: I have an issue with, where I can report it?

A: Please use our issues page here and try to describe your issue as best as possible and with as many details you can.