3-in-1 Fantasy Music Bundle

Daniel Keating Music - 音楽 - 2024/06/23

3 Fantasy music packs in 1! 71 tracks of huge boss battles, city and town tracks, location tracks and much more!

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    5.1 - 5.4
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Welcome to my "3-in-1 Fantasy Music Bundle" music pack! That's right, all 3 of my music packs wrapped into one BIG pack which saves you $30!!

Preview all tracks here Preview - SoundCloud (full tracks and Sampler*)

Preview all tracks here Preview - YouTube (10 second sample of each track)

*Sampler - The Sampler track on SoundCloud is a 10 second preview of each track included to help you quickly get a feel for what's in this pack. The Sampler track is what is used for the YouTube video

Inside this pack you will find 71 unique tracks and 15 stingers reaching almost 3 HOURS of loopable music. Using both live instrument recordings, as well as virtual instruments I hope to bring in truly fantastical music into your games to immerse players seamlessly with the worlds you are creating. Every track in this pack is filled with orchestral and medieval instruments to really bring that fantasy element to life. ALL MUSIC IS YOUTUBE SAFE!


These tracks are all fantastical, cinematic and orchestral with some synthetic enhancements to make these tracks feel larger than life. Perfect for any adventure game, fantasy game, RPG, metroidvania or any game that craves a fantasy sound.

This pack includes 3 Music Packs that I have hand-crafted over the years, which are:

  • "Fantasy Cities & Towns...and Other Locations"
  • Boss Battles, Combat & Stingers
  • Fantasy Adventure & Exploration

With these 3 packs together, you should have all of the music you need to bring your next game to life and immerse your gamer in a larger-than life world you created.

What is a stinger?

A stinger is a short musical or percussive track that can act as an introduction, ending, or link to various scenes in your game. A popular example is a mysterious musical run when a player encounters a chest, or when a player encounters a Boss.

I created 15 unique stingers for you to add into your game under 4 categories: Evil, Positive, Neutral, and Mysterious.  These are rarely included in music packs, so take advantage of this opportunity! 

About me

I am a professional composer who has had music on national television shows from The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars to Life Below Zero and 90-day Fiance. This means that each track is professionally composed, mixed, and mastered to guarantee the highest quality sound for your game. Each track has carefully crafted melody and harmony to ensure interest and repeatability in your game so the track never gets old.


EVERY track in this pack loops perfectly. Reverb tails were carefully added to each track to ensure that all tracks will loop perfectly and seamlessly with no cracks or pops.

I personally guarantee your satisfaction with these tracks and hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

*Any updates will be free after your first purchase!*

Please contact me with any questions:

[email protected]



Please find a COMPLETE comprehensive track list HERE! (It exceeded the character limit)

Boss Batles, Combast & Stingers (Buy standalone here)


  • 28 Tracks


  • 15 Stingers included! 

Fantasy Adventure & Exploration (Buy Standalone here)

  • 15 Tracks

Fantasy Cities, Towns & Other Locations (Buy Standalone here)

  • 29 Tracks

Number of Audio Wavs: 89

Number of Audio Cues: 89

Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz

Does music loop: Yes

Minutes of audio provided: 174 mins 22 seconds

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes