2D Platformer Music - 8 Bit

Fictium Sound Design - 音楽 - 2024/04/19

8 Bit Music for 2D Platformer Video Games

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A bit of explanation as to what you'll find:

In this product there are 8 level themes, 1 menu title theme, and 3 boss themes.

Album Sampler:


Listen to it here:


Additional Information:

* It's all royalty-free, you can use it whenever and wherever once you purchase it.

* It fits games in the 2D platformer genre with 8 bit aesthetics.

* They all loop seamlessly.

=> Any doubt or if you want to show me your games shoot an email here:

[email protected]

=> For more free music check out my YouTube channel:


Contact Info:

Site: fictiumsounddesign.com

Email: [email protected]


Technical Info:

Total Size: 282 mb Wav

Total Length: 27:57

Mastering Details:

Perceived Loudness Levels: - 14 LUFS

Limiter: -1

Total Number of Wav Files: 12 soundtracks

Sample Rate / Bit Rate: 44.1 kHz / 16 bit