Island Adventure Vol.1

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Create your own a beautiful 2D platformer, adventure or arcade game!

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Welcome to the Island of Adventure!

HD Content that will help you quickly build your own 2D Game in the setting of the mysterious island.
Island Adventure it's not just only 2D sprites pack.
For you, we have developed a great demo, which includes game mechanics, animations, materials, music and SFX. Also, we already added a special bonus content, where all static sprites we convert to pixel art.
We have tried, to approximate this content to the real game, adding a game menu, achievements screen, some enemies, and of course, hero.

All this help you create a beautiful and powerful 2D platformer, adventure or arcade game, based on Unreal Engine and his 2D tools.

Turn on your fantasy and start creating!

Technical Details

Pack Contains:
• (934) Animations Sprites
• (137) Static Sprites
• (47) Materials
• (50) Sound Waves
• (42) Blueprint Class
• (3) levels
• Main menu
• In-game menu
• Trophy Screen
• Health and Energy HUD
• Enemies
• Tested Character
• Bonus: all static sprites styling in pixel art

Intended Platforms: Desktop, Console



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