Interactive Media System

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The Interactive Media package offers a look into using different types of media for your projects. All completely customizable to your needs and easy to use.

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Featuring TV’s and Speakers with multiple ways of activation and use.
(Trigger Volumes, Buttons and Remote Controls)
Further interaction includes the pausing, fast forward and rewind of media.
Including switching between TV channels which can be altered for each individual TV.
Added an optional power system for the media, which you can interact with (destroying, repairing, switching on and off).
Simply replace the media already there and you have a working system.

If you are having issues with the package or have suggestions please feel free to comment or email me with the subject being "Interactive Media"
Thank you!

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 8
• Pick up Remote w/ Bone Attachment
• Playing Media in a variety of ways
• Pausing Media
• Fast Forward and Rewind Media
• Easy to use TV Channels
• Simple Customization
Intended Platform - PC, Xbox One, PS4
Platforms Tested - PC



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