Interactive Industrial Lights and Switches Blueprints compatible with 4.17

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Lights are fully functional, change color, brightens in one click, can be destroyed and can be easy tweaked in blueprints. Switches are fully operational handles and buttons are moving and can be easy linked with lights.

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Fully customize, lights change with one click color, or brightens, change if they flicker or if they are destroy-able, Hanging lights are dynamic they will interact with object, ie they will swing if hit with another dynamic object.

Construction and flood lights are dynamical they can be destroyed or move around. Switches are fully functional handles and buttons are moving with appropriate sound, link lights with switches easy in level blueprint, to create dynamic lightning. One portable generator is included in the pack to spice up the level. Add some great lightning to your level.

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints:
-9 lights
-3 switches
-1 portable generator
List of Features
-Fully functional lights can be destroyed, and change color, intensity and toggle directly in blueprints.
-Fully functional switches, all handles and buttons are moving and reacting to player input Include in pack are one portable generator that can be switched ON and OFF with sound
Engine Compatibility: 4,9 - 4,10
Intended Platform: PC
Platforms Tested: PC
Documentation Included: (Yes\No) No
Important\Additional Notes: Lights emit, dynamic lightning, if your level does not require destroyable lights please use static meshes and and static lights source.



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