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A pack that includes many different interactive Blueprints: buttons, levers, multiple-stage switches, wheels, lasers, objects that can be grabbed, objects that can snap, pressure plates.

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The pack contains several Blueprints for interaction. There are base Blueprints that have very basic functionality and there are advanced ones that (in most cases) have complete functionality with static meshes.

The pack contains:

  • Button (continuous pressing)
  • Lever/Switch (on-off)
  • Multiple-stage switch (amount of stages can be set and the value can be mapped)
  • Wheel (continuous turn/slide, can be mapped)
  • Objects that can be grabbed (key down: start to hold, key up: let go)
  • Objects that can be snapped (can be grabbed and snapped to certain spots (Snappable -> SnapArea)
  • Laser (+Laser Repeater)
  • Pressure plate (Required weight can be set, use BI_Weight interface to add weight to your actors)

Showcase video:

My assets:

Support forum:

Technical Details


  • Button
  • Lever/Switch
  • Multiple-stage switch
  • Wheel
  • Grabbable object
  • Snappable object
  • Laser (+Laser Repeater)
  • Pressure plate

Number of Blueprints:

  • Base: 14
  • Advanced: 21
  • Interfaces: 5

This pack does NOT support multiplayer (properly) at its current state.

Please feel free to ask any questions on my support discord:



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