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A set of Blueprints allows you to take instant pictures in VR.

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A set of Blueprints allows you to take instant pictures in VR. 

Works perfectly with standard VR Template!

Video preview:

How to use:

Try before buy (compiled project):

In addition to instant photo functionality, this pack contains two ActorComponents that you can easily reuse in other projects:

- ActorComponent that handles Shake Events.

- ActorComponent that emulate air resistance physics effects.

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Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 4

Contains Blueprints:

- BP_InstantCamera - can take instant pictures.

- BP_InstantPhoto - spawned by BP_InstantCamera after taking a shot. 

- BP_AirResistanceComponent - ActorComponent that (when a physic simulation is on) changes the speed of a moving object to emulate air resistance physical effects.

- BP_ShakeActorComponent - ActorComponent handles Shake Events.

Also contains:

- Camera and Instant Photo meshes.

- Textures (for camera display).

- Materials (for camera display and photos).

- Sound CUEs.

Platform Tested: Windows, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro


- BP_AirResistanceComponent emulate (simplified!) air resistance physical effects based on Actor's bounding box size.

- BP_InstantCamera can use the set of predefined Textures and Materials, or create Textures and Material Instances at runntime.


- Removed dependency on BP_MotionController in the InstantPhotoButtonDown and InstantPhotoButtonUp functions (see the last screenshot in the description and an example of the implementation in the MotionControllerPawnSP Blueprint).

- Some Иlueprints contained in the ExampleMap folder were renamed to avoid name conflicts when added to new projects.



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