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Editing instances of the Instanced Static Mesh Component and HISM Component in Level Editor.

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This plugin allows you to manipulate instances (Instanced Static Mesh Component and HISM Component) as with ordinary actors in Level Editor Viewports:

  • Allows you to: Move , Scale , Rotate, Сlone / Delete instances
  • Supports Snap operations (built into Unreal Engine Editor, RMB menu -> Transform )
  • Change Pivot Point (Press Alt + MiddleMouse key over Widget)
  • Join Static Mesh to Actor with ISMC or HISM Component
  • Fast Clone: Press Alt key over Widget
  • It also allows you to clone any actor, volumes
  • Add delta Transform to instances or actors
  • Editing using transform panel

If you want to change instances, click "Pick Instance Mode". Select instances. Move them, remove and etc as ordinary actors. To apply the changes, press the "Pick Instance Mode" button again.

During editing, instances are turned into Static Mesh Actor, after editing, they are turned back into instances.

Note: If instances are created by the MergeActor utility, click Convert in instances and they will become editable.


Forum Thread: here

Update 5.02.2019: Creating actors with instances, editing instances created by other utilities such as MergeActors, support for Foliage system

Technical Details

Code Modules: Editor Module

Number of C++ Classes: 4

Supported Platforms: Guaranteed Windows OS (for Mac not tested)



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