Inreal Architectural Asset Pack Volume One

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Asset pack containing two sets of designer furniture optimized for realtime rendering performance and visual quality

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The Inreal RT Architecture Furniture Pack Vol. 1 contains two sets of designer furniture optimized for both realtime rendering performance and visualization quality. All Models have optimized UV Maps. All the tileable materials can be controlled by various exposed variables, such as color, normal map strength, tiling, roughness and more. Many furniture objects have variants of the meshes and materials (e.g. cotton or leather seat cushioning, metallic or wooden legs, etc.).

The Package includes:

Fritz Hansen Furniture:
• Favn Couch
• Swan Couch
• Swan Chairs (2 Variations)
• Jacobs Serie 7 Chair
• Jacobs Serie 7 Stool

Arper Furniture:
• Leaf Lounge Tables (3 Variations)
• Leaf Lounge Chairs (2 Variations)
• Colina M Chair
• Catifa 80 Lounge Chair
• Catifa 46 Bicolor Chairs (3 Variations)
• Catifa 46 Barstool
• Catifa 46 Office Chairs (2 Variations)
• Fred Table

Technical Details

Physically Based Rendering : Yes
Collisions: Yes
Level of Detail: None
Number of Meshes: 20
Number of Textures: 44 (9 x 2048, 17 x 1024, 13 x 512, 4 x 256, 1 x 128)
Average Vertex Count: 2000-20000
Intended Platform: Desktop
Tested Platform: Desktop
Documentation Included: Yes
Tested with baked GI: Yes
Tested with Realtime Lighting: Yes



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